17.10.2017, 22:22:22

fear, you are not my leader.
anxiety, you are not my leader.
rejection, you are not my leader.

i am home, i am safe.
heavenly Papa, you are mine
and i yours.



12.10.2017, 14:50:55

make room,
make more room.
stretch and reach,
a little more.

watch what I do
with the mustard seed
you’ve given Me.

I’m right here,
painting your world
with bright and
beautiful colour.

11.10.2017, 11:17:54

you are not invisible,
just because you engage Me
alone, at home, among mundane tasks
like clinking utensils, cleaned and stacked.
you sing with
a raspy voice, matted hair, sleepy eyes and
you worry I don’t see you…
no– you worry nobody sees you.

that’s where you’re wrong:
your kitchen table is My centre stage,
and it is glorious.

10.10.2017, 10:31:24

if nothing else
appeals to you,
(like vulnerability or
sweet moments etc.)
I hope you
know that there
are people out
there who know
the exact feeling
that rumbles around
in your head

so, if nothing
else, I hope
you make room
for them in
your heart by
creating spaces for
your time to
be filled. why?
friendship is so
worth it, girl.
it’s grace-encounters
over and over


27.09.2017, 10:12:59

I was made for worship.
The God-kind, not human-kind.
It makes me want to cry with gratefulness:
That I am knit together, woven with so many ways to praise Your name.
So many ways to hear Your heart, to sing it out loud, to paint the skies with Your paintbrush you’ve entrusted to me.
Yeah, You’ve spoken and sung lovely melodies, hundreds of them, over my life.
This moment.