09.07.2017, 22:38:35

day two.
left, right.
breathe in, out.
fill the 363 rest with grace, peace, truth.
pour, pour over, pour out.
be emptied, be filled.
each day, anew.
oh, twenty-two.


21.05.2017, a journal prayer

“God, I know you hear me. You are the Prince of peace and Lord of Lords, and not one thing escapes your sight.

send heaven down, let your will be done; re-align my heart to feel yours beat, and remind me again how this life is not about me. you see me, you hold me and you are nowhere near done with me yet.

tell your great love story through mine.”

10.04.2017, 21:49:39

didn’t you know?
that you were always loved,
always worthy,
always purposed,
always enough?

didn’t you know?
that you were dreamed up before time began,
powerful beyond measure,
a place he named home from the start?


07.04.2017, 12:55:57

darling, if no one else reads the words-
but we both know you need them most-
know this:
you are needed.
your words are needed.
now more than ever.
do away with being “fine”,
a “good” mood.
rip away the cellophane cover,
the sound-proof mask,
expose the cracks
that we hide behind-
that you hide behind.

it starts with you.