21.02.2018, 23:05:00

“fill, be filled. there is power in the pouring out– because in Me, it’s how you are filled to overflow. you thought I only speak to you through others, but see how I speak through yours. you put My heart into words, the sounds frequencies paired together, strung into sentences, so delicately done.

but what you didn’t know is that I composed another melody underneath your tune– my song to you is evident in the way your heart lights up after a rush of love-words + excitement about My spirit. so sit, reflect– because I am very much alive in you.”



21.02.2018, 22:57:00

may i never ever, ever forget the unequivocal joy + grace that is manifested in the opportunity to love + encourage others (pronounced in ways unknown to me beforehand).


10.02.2018, 19:40:16

eyes heavy, laden with dust.
blink, rub the neck.
tendons, tense.
aches and pains, at this age.

what does it feel like
to be one of the dead?
one day,
we’ll know-

but today, we live.
lungs expand, hearts beat.
and if i’m really still,
maybe i’ll hear hope’s rhythm.