11.12.2017, 09:48:48

four w three,

you’re a dreamer,
and your heart is wild.

you’re a writer,
and are among friends.

you’re a lover,
and you have a place at the table.



11.24.2017, 23:37:01

I saw her, hands lifted high, mother by her side. for a split second, I saw the girl, who led crowds of people without doubt in her mind. her fingertips reached the heavens, and her heart opened wide. the girl who once wore blanket scarves on pink pulpits, left-handed mics and wings on either side; who encouraged us to continue to sing, who would openly cry and speak with a voice that heard directly from God’s line

I saw her, today, I did.
just a glimpse– it was when I closed my eyes.
the world melted away, and I knew she will one day be back soon.
I’ll recognize her face, it’ll look almost the same.
maybe a few extra wrinkles and some laugh lines,
but there will be something new– something like never before.


24.11.2017, 23:30:40

it is a cancer of sorts,
ravaging the soul quick,
paralyzed and

fast-spreading and unwelcome,
catch that? —

not a part of you,
your identity,
who you were and are
created to be.

the only way to fill these holes,
is a holy radiation of sorts,
seen right through,
x-ray visioned.

the price for this heart surgery has been paid in full–
anxiety, you are not welcome here.
and you are not my leader.

13.11.2017, 13:54:22

I am canvas.
I am Grace, painted bright.
yes, I am art.

I am colour, all kinds.
I am progress.
yes, I am art.

& yet, I am loved.
& yet, I am here.
I am art, & holy redemption.

I am art.
I am art.