17.10.2017, 22:22:22

fear, you are not my leader.
anxiety, you are not my leader.
rejection, you are not my leader.

i am home, i am safe.
heavenly Papa, you are mine
and i yours.



13.10.2017, 11:16:09

call out your lies,
create a list,
dump them out:

1. “you don’t matter, now or ever … you know that right?”
2. “nothing you do matters anyway; you’re always lagging behind.”
3. “nobody actually cares; nobody really loves you.”
4. “Oh, you want to be recognized? that’s so selfish.”
5. “you don’t have a legitimate reason to feel what you feel – stop pretending.”

name them,
one by one,
look them in the eyes for what they are:

12.10.2017, 14:50:55

make room,
make more room.
stretch and reach,
a little more.

watch what I do
with the mustard seed
you’ve given Me.

I’m right here,
painting your world
with bright and
beautiful colour.

11.10.2017, 11:17:54

you are not invisible,
just because you engage Me
alone, at home, among mundane tasks
like clinking utensils, cleaned and stacked.
you sing with
a raspy voice, matted hair, sleepy eyes and
you worry I don’t see you…
no– you worry nobody sees you.

that’s where you’re wrong:
your kitchen table is My centre stage,
and it is glorious.

10.10.2017, 10:31:24

if nothing else
appeals to you,
(like vulnerability or
sweet moments etc.)
I hope you
know that there
are people out
there who know
the exact feeling
that rumbles around
in your head

so, if nothing
else, I hope
you make room
for them in
your heart by
creating spaces for
your time to
be filled. why?
friendship is so
worth it, girl.
it’s grace-encounters
over and over