15.04.2017, 20:59:39

some thoughts on reclaiming presence lately.

I’ve been trying to be more aware, more soft-hearted and more in awe of each moment that passes and every person that flickers in my line of vision. I’ve been trying. I’ve been trying … but I burnt out. the burn out became an anxious spirit, the spirit became a constant headache in the forefront of my mind, and the thoughts melted me down last week. I felt downright debilitating to my own self; it leaked into my perspective and steeped my relationships.

Thing is, what I’m learning about presence is it starts with me. my own self. my body, my mind, my soul. and when days go by, unchecked, the poison goes rampant. Mind you, I am reminded of grace, and the importance of giving myself this gift just as much as I give it others. I’m not so good at showering myself in love as I am with other hearts. Leo pointed it out: the way I light up around meaningful conversation with people at work; the way I greet shopkeepers with bubbly smiles in quiet flower stores; the way I choose to handle conflict by waiting for the right, peace-inducing words before speaking. Maybe you relate.

I’ve spent this week investing in reclaiming territory. Reclaiming presence. Reclaiming my own love. Reclaiming truth. Here are a list of things I’ve noticed that help, and I have already / want to incorporate them into my daily living:

1. Meditation
This is new for me. like, three days old. but I love it, why? because it stops the torrential flood of thoughts and trying to “fix” the feelings inside. meditating is stopping and being present with yourself, letting go and welcoming home. I feel so connected to my body- it’s a new way I’m experiencing freedom in all sorts of ways.

2. Exercise
Has been a downer … all year. I’ve realized how important exercise is for stress-relief and mental well-being. It’s been hard, considering a few factors that became roadblocks along the way- but with sunny weather and slower days finally here, I look forward to new beginnings, small beginnings- and endorphins.

3. Slow mornings and short to-do lists
If you know me and we’ve looked each other in the eyes, you might know I dropped to part-time in school. I painfully realized last year I function best at a slower pace, and that it’s okay. I’d rather breathe deep than take short, stifled breaths. I love creating a life where I am happy to wake up and not overload my day.

4. Meaningful conversation
Always, always, always. Yes, I’m an introvert, but conversation is a necessity for me, in big, deep doses. I come alive in discussion about love, friendships, hard times, the meaning of being worthy and how every little thing matters. Strike up a dialogue with me on this, I promise I love surprises, especially out of the blue.

5. Practicing grace and gratitude
I do this for myself, so I can give it to others from a place of fullness, not emptiness. Leo stole my all-time, go-to mantra and now uses it in his daily vernacular: “it’s all grace. all is grace.” This is a conscious posture. A muscle that needs to be frequently flexed. One needs to be fully present, looking for grace to give, looking for God-gifts in all little things.

6. Eat well, Sleep well
My New Year’s resolution was to meal prep every Sunday to learn new things, eat well and not have to make lunch at five in the morning. I did so well during the semester, but as school has ended, so have some of my healthy habits as well. Oops! Tackling food, self-love and my body requires my 100 per cent intention. I’m learning how to listen to my body in such a way that I steward this Holy Temple the best I can. the breakthroughs are wonderful stepping stones.