13.03.2017, 21:19:27

some of today’s thoughts and mental ramblings put into words, part 1:

I feel sooo deeply. it makes me cringe sometimes, to be honest. But, somewhere along the road of insecurity and confidence, I’ve come to associate myself with certain words that feel like they hold some sort of revelation about who I am. Words like “feeler, empath, highly sensitive individual, introvert, INFJ”.

Anyone who spends any sort of time with me knows I’m a bit obsessed with that last one..

I’ve often felt misunderstood by others and strangers'(ex. who know of me via another person) perception of me. Let me roll it on back and put out a disclaimer: in no way am I implying that’s a negative, nor do I write for your pity vote. Reason being the following. I’ve also come to realize that I don’t see the world the same way some people do, and that it’s more than fine — it’s good.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you choose a dustier road, unearthed by your lone footprints. It feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it? And yeah, I mean, maybe I write this as a self-justification, but I’ve seen the fruit. I’ve also experienced the dangers.

Introspection has become a big part of how I process everything, everyone.

I wrote a little something over at a joint Instagram account that my Leo and I write together. I mentioned a bit about how much I love pondering people’s stories. Here’s where I’ll leave this blog-y ramble: it can be really difficult to spot dangerous fruit, because I think I believe that anything and all can be good, but it depends on our perspective. It depends on how long you hold it out in front of you; if you let it ripen in the sun or rot in a cellar.

You see, I think we have enough power to turn good things into bad things.