03.01.2017, notebook.

You took me
to a secret place.
I’m hidden in
the secret places.
And my soul-amnesia becomes
And I am forgetfulness and peace all over.
My cares fell in the ocean-sky
on the way here.
I am a week’s worth of bliss,
and presence.
He gave me this present:
to rest, to awe, to be fully here.
Some may call it
to not give thoughts
to people, to life, to the things you miss.
But I breathe
salty air and
watch the sung through
the yellow blinds,
streaking in.
This is a supernatural encounter:
never meant to give spare thoughts,
like change we throw in fountains,
I am one with God.
I have Christ’s mind.
I am here, fully now,
and I am found.
Thoughts are made to spill in thousands.
given to those we love.
If we are full, our mind and body and soul lost in Him,
that is when we are found.
We are free.
We are fully — we.
You, I.
We were never meant to traverse sunken ships
with sunken hearts,
blue-frozen and pressure-cracked.
Hide, dear soul.
Rest is found along the map of daily moments.
Quiet. Still.
No one body will tell you the beauty–
Because only you can see it,
only you know where to hide.
In Him. in Him. in Him.
There is beauty in demise.
The opportunity to come,
to stay,
to be emptied –
and filled.
with Holy Spirit living wild.
You gather.
In the quiet, the rest.
Because here– right here,
is where God is tangible in the way that He loves.
He is never-ending fountains,
and birds singing.
I am strength all over and I never want to leave.