11.12.2016, an unnamed letter [p.2]

Darkness may try to latch itself onto you, threatening to change you from the inside out, claiming you deserve it and that if the ones closest to you left you like they did, then why would you be worthy of love? Why would you be deserving of perfect, unconditional love that runs towards you when you run away — if even the ones who held you with tangible arms didn’t stay?

The voices resound in your head, my dear, and they create toxic lies that NEVER meant to reside within you. My love, this life of “what ifs” and “I should have” is not the life I birth in you.

You have been held captive to your thoughts for such a long time now. They’ve defined you, and in your weakness, you listened. But I am here to show you in written words and a paper that can be felt to tell you all the things I believe about you:

You are royalty. You are adopted into My Family. You are enough and not too much. You are beautiful, and not because someone told you. You entire story is beautiful. You let Me write myself into your soul, and you are a redemption story in the making.

You are not weak, or foolish.
You are smart and kind.
You wear bravery and you are learning to take off the robe of despair.

I am doing such big things in you..