11.12.2016, an unnamed letter [p.1]

Lovely one,

You have been made perfect because of My hands that knit you in your mother’s womb. I never forgot you — in fact, beautiful, it’s the exact opposite. Before the world was made and before light existed, I created you. You were birthed in My heart as a one-day treasure that will bloom in a thousand of years. And I have waited for this moment, for when your eyes opened and the first sound that came from your lips was a cry. I was with you this entire time, My beloved.

I thought of you as My Son hung on a cross. My heart broke that day, but on that day was the day you were gifted with victory. This is the moment I want you to revel in. Let me bring you to the moment when evil lost and freedom spread its wings because there were no more barriers. NOTHING stands between us. Words, thoughts and actions have no say in who you are. Your past, your hurt and the present struggles you find yourself battling off have NO power over you. They never did.

But somewhere along the way, you believed they did. You robed yourself in defeat and held it tight around your body. So tight it seems to have written itself in your skin.

Daughter: know that you are stamped with a golden Seal. Heavenly blood and Royalty runs in your veins…