an email written in the Italian airport, 24.08.2015, 08:17:00

1. you are still worthy of love and Love regardless of where you’ve been
2. God has already gone before you.
3. You can trust Him that He will lead well. that He will take care of you well. He gives His children the best.
4. He will never forsake you – He has never failed and He won’t start now.
5. there is always a reason for “life” detours.
6. No, you are not a failure, a mess, or a mistake
7. You take on the skin of Christ, His mind is your mind. you are a new creation.
8. Keep letting Him keep making you new on the daily, on the hourly.
9. You are capable of whatever today throws at you. stand firm in the Truth — no weapon formed against you shall stand.
10. Kill em with kindness cause you a boss.