24.07.2016, 16:31:41

It’s not what I do or somewhere I go.
It’s a choice of how to see our beauty-world, our beauty-life.
It’s not the words I say or a better title.
It’s love and grace and kindness overflowing from fullness.
It’s not exclusive or only for a certain kind.
It’s broken, imperfect people finding crazy-freedom.

The world tells us you have to climb ladders.
I live climbing down them to be with others.
The world says you need to have a life to show for.
I would rather die without my name in lights.
The world says anger makes you stronger.
I believe in letting go because Love always wins.

I don’t want to stay and argue with you.
Rather, I want to be present in this very moment with you.
I don’t want to hide what I really feel.
Rather, I want to be real, raw and vulnerable.
I don’t want to pretend I have it all together.
Rather, I want to show how my weakness has been redeemed.

This is the way I choose to see;
I see beauty everywhere around me.
I see light even when I am drowning in darkness.
I see precious souls all around me, worthy of love.
I know I am never alone; there is Someone closer than my skin.
He not only made me, He makes up my everything.