16.11.2017, 12:21:12

a tale of two cities:

sadness and

two populations,

muddled together,

melting pots,



13.11.2017, 13:54:22

I am canvas.
I am Grace, painted bright.
yes, I am art.

I am colour, all kinds.
I am progress.
yes, I am art.

& yet, I am loved.
& yet, I am here.
I am art, & holy redemption.

I am art.
I am art.

08.11.2017, 18:51:17

i have been breathing in the year twenty-two for four months now. One quarter, light speed. blink. hold it in, puffed cheeks, and breathe out. reminiscing on how much more my life looks how i’ved dreamed it to be: the day to day ho-hum. such a far ways to go – that’s the fun of it, though, isn’t it?

that destinations are moving targets.