09.07.2017, 22:38:35

day two.
left, right.
breathe in, out.
fill the 363 rest with grace, peace, truth.
pour, pour over, pour out.
be emptied, be filled.
each day, anew.
oh, twenty-two.



09.07.2017, I found someone else’s words

“God has been telling my lately: you can’t be bitter and love me, you can’t be bitter and love me, you can’t be bitter and love me. You can’t be bitter to those I love, and still say that you love me. And so, I’m having to be stripped of my anger, letting the grip of my pride to be forced away from me. Because my bitterness was poisoning my relationship with God! That’s what it does, it is a disease that ruins us, and slowly kills us from the love that gives us life.

To have Jesus is to have His perfect grace, and to have His perfect grace is to have peace with all those you encounter. I am learning this, because I do love God, and I don’t want to choose between my pride and His endless love. So, I’ll put to death the old me that has decided to crawl back into my life, and I shall rise again with Christ, making only His face known in my life.

Let go of the anger, dear one, and hold onto the Lord.”

– T.B. Laberge. // Go now.

21.05.2017, a journal prayer

“God, I know you hear me. You are the Prince of peace and Lord of Lords, and not one thing escapes your sight.

send heaven down, let your will be done; re-align my heart to feel yours beat, and remind me again how this life is not about me. you see me, you hold me and you are nowhere near done with me yet.

tell your great love story through mine.”

09.05.2017, 12:49:09

sometimes, there are days where everything is so right with the world. And not because they are in any way perfect, or that I tried to make them so- but because each moment came together in harmony. through intentional, present-focused living. And I can’t help but feel deeply- fall deeply- into the zen and quiet joy it stirs.

1. Being real about my holistic health: partnering with my doctor, who not only does her job well, but listens to me well. Relief. Change. Hope. Excitement.
2. Cozy days spent with Leo: Netflix, deep chats, green thumbs and lots of laughter
3. Choosing to fully engage in the moments I am most me, and continually realizing how much joy and silliness there is in freedom.
4. Forgetting where my phone is entirely
5. Space in my schedule to do whatever my heart wants to delight in: working out, eating good food, shopping with a friend, meditating and reading a book.

I am learning the art of being wholly me, and it is absolutely wonderful. I’m so thankful for seasons like May and June – where time slows and spring births seeds to life.